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Roulette Strategy: Comparing Inside Bets vs Outside Bets

In a nutshell, outside bets give you a greater chance of winning, but you’ll win a lower payout. The opposite is true of inside bets. Inside bets are essentially ways of choosing numbers that appear on the felt in patterns: next to each other, in a line, or a square. You pick one, two, three, four, or a line of numbers. The odds are tougher, but the rewards are great. Outside bets involve picking larger chunks of numbers, based on both their position and their colour. For example , choosing red or black, even or odd. Better odds, smaller prizes. With six different types of inside and outside bets to choose from, it's up to you to decide whether you’re going to play it safe, or go for the big bucks. Roulette Rules: How to Play Online Playing roulette is basically about playing the odds. You start by learning the layout of the wheel, the table and the different kinds of bets available. The roulette wheel (or random number generator) has a pocket for every number between 0 and 36 (the American roulette wheel also has a 00 pocket). Each pocket has the same chance of winning. The croupier spins the wheel, and drops a ball into it, spun in the opposite direction. Before the wheel is spun, punters place their bets on the table corresponding to which pocket they think the ball will eventually land in as the wheel slows. The odds correspond to how likely the chosen number or combination of numbers are to be chosen.